Day Four: Wild Prey

Today: 5 Minute warm up walk, Four 1.5 minute runs with 2 minute walk breaks followed by two 1 minute runs and 1 minute walks – 5 minute cool down walk.

Today I walked the first part of the Greenway Trail.  As I was walking my warm up walk, I heard something that sounded like a cheetah and a lion fighting.  Then I realized I live in Kentucky and maybe it sounded more like an owl and a turkey fighting.  I didn’t hear it for long, maybe I spooked them away – or they killed each other.  Or there really was a lion and he ate them both.  I just kept running.

This was my first set of 1.5 minute runs, and the first minute of the first run was easy (I’m glad some part of it is becoming easy!) but the rest…well, it wasn’t exactly fun.  While running its my calves that hurt.  When I’m walking it’s my shins that hurt.  So something is hurting the whole time, but I guess I should be happy that it switches up! 

The bright side is that I’m never sore after running.  So this program seems to be well paced for those who normally can’t even run 10 feet – which was me.  As much as it hurts during the run, 30 minutes after it’s over with there is no remaining pain and the next day I can feeling nothing that indicates that I even ran, much less was ever in pain. 

My next run won’t be until Saturday – so I have two days of rest coming up.  Fridays won’t be “run days” for me until it starts being daylight until at least 6PM since I work late on Fridays and am seldom out before that time. 

In the mean time – tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I fully intend on taking full advantage of a free day from counting calories!!!

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2 thoughts on “Day Four: Wild Prey

  1. Followed by calming down and you said, “I was in the hospital due to a leg injury suffered during my comeback preparation.

  2. I have let drop the time for wondering and days of not knowing what comes next or even hours of chance and wandering.

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