Day Two.

5 minute warm up walk, followed by 8 sets of 1 minute runs/1.5 minute walks, ending with a 5 minute cool down walk.

The only part of this that seemed easier was the very first minute of running.  I think I could have carried on a slightly winded conversation with someone.  Mid-way through the sets I started wondering if I was going to be able to finish, but I was determined to finish.  I got to the last run – which I didn’t know it was the last, I thought I still had one more to go – I was pep talking myself to get through the last run set but instead of “start running” it said “begin cool down walk” I was shocked because I was ready to run that last one victoriously!  Instead, I was perfectly happy to take that cool down walk back to my car.

I passed several people today and every single person that passed me smiled and said hello.  Runners are so nice and encouraging to beginning runners. They don’t criticize or talk to each other about me when they pass – they haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner.  I almost look forward to someone passing me (and trust me, they are all passing me!) because I always get an encouraging smile from them.

Life Lesson, maybe?

My first 5k will be February 11, 2012 in Murray, Kentucky.  If any of my none readers will be there, let me know!  Or, just offer me an encouraging word or a story from when you first started running.

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