Another weakness of mine that I’m no longer going to simply accept is talking.  Wait…if you know me, then you’re saying “Oh, you must mean stop talking so much.”

But I don’t.  I mean, talking more.

But not just in general – but rather to people I don’t know.  I’m horrible at small talk.  Which is ironic since I work with the public and do nothing but small talk all day long.  But maybe it’s not small talk, but rather engaging strangers in conversation.  If we have visitors at church I always sit in my pew and hope that somebody will go talk to them and say hello.  Not because I don’t want to…but because I’m afraid of not knowing what to say behind “Hello.” My conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: Hello *shakes hands* (if there is more than one person, I try to do this without seeming mechanical, you know…hello, hello, hello, hello)

Them: Hi!

Me: *sputtering* It’s uh, so good to uh, have you here today.  Uh…

Them: Thanks *blank stare*

Me: Bye! (Then kicking myself for sounding so dumb)

So the only solution I can think of is to talk to strangers.  Everywhere.  I don’t mean the cashiers or even my own customers – but in the aisle at the grocery – striking up a conversation about anything around us.  “This soup is amazing, have you had it? blahblahblah) Anything to get me talking to people I don’t know.  This morning it was at a convenience store talking to a random man about our coffee addictions.  It helped that he said “hello” first, but I did manage to strike up a conversation after that. 

Another excuse to bust – stop hiding behind the excuse of shyness.

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