I’ve been thinking over this year that is slowly slipping past.  I’ve sort of been grading myself on what I accomplished or what I took risks on – or what I made lame excuses for.  As I’ve posted about recently – I’ve realized that I’m all talk and no action.  That I want to work towards changing that.  I remembered this opportunity from the summer and how I made excuses.

If you know me, you know that I really love Idina Menzel.  If you aren’t sure who she is, I’ll post a video of her at the end of this post…but she’s a very popular Broadway star who started touring this summer and from what I understand, she puts on a fantastic concert.  She had a show scheduled in Nashville and I was immediately excited until I checked the date and it was a Thursday night.  I immediately found myself disappointed thinking “Oh well, if it was on a Saturday then I could go, but I have to work Thursday and I’d never be able to make it.”

I made an excuse because that was the easy way out.  I didn’t even realize it at the time or recognize it as an excuse!!  It’s not like I don’t have vacation days.  Take Thursday and Friday off, drive two hours to Nashville, see the show, spend the night, come home on Friday.  Truth is, my natural reaction was to excuse away going because going means a fair bit of effort and money.  But if I wanted to see her, why didn’t I just make it happen?

Those are the types of things I want to avoid doing from here on.  Take this week for instance and My Fair Lady.  I had found myself excusing it away until I caught myself.  Yes, it cost me $36 to go, yes I went alone, and yes I didn’t get home until almost 11PM, and yes I had to be at work early the next morning.  But I’m SO glad I went!!  It was a fantastic production. 

We always get a year end bonus at work which will (If we’re lucky!) be around $700.  I’ve decided that this money will strictly be “no excuses” money for 2012.  It might go kind of fast, but that’s okay – it means I’ll either do a lot of little things, or one really big thing that I normally would have excused away.  I know there are a couple of possible book tours that author’ I love might be taking that I would normally say “I’d love to…I wish I had’ve” or even Idina Menzel again.  Or a play in St Louis, Memphis, Nashville, or even Chicago.  No excuses! 

Now, for your entertainment – Idina Menzel singing a song from Rent that could easy be my theme song for 2012.

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