Wicked Weekend

I was fortunate enough to attend another performance of WICKED at TPAC in Nashville.  It was my second time seeing it and – wow – what an amazing show.  I could see it every day for a week and still not absorb all of it.  This time I went knowing that if I found the stage door of the theater, that I’d be able to meet the actors.  They come out pretty quick and are so kind and willing to sign playbills and take pictures.

This is the amazing Christine Dwyer, she was Elphaba Thropp (Better known as Wicked Witch of the West).

This is the hilarious and unbelievably talented Tiffany Haas – who played Galinda Upland (Better known as Glinda the Good Witch of the North) (Galinda becomes Glinda midway through the performance) I look like a total doof in this picture because it all happened so fast!  I had assumed it would take them several minutes to come out so I stopped by the bathroom before heading to stage door.  Apparently these guys are quick at getting out of costume and makeup because I casually walked down the corridor and heard “There’s Glinda!” and I sort of panicked a bit trying to get my playbill and marker ready lol There were only a dozen or so people waiting to meet them, but I was afraid of missing my chance.  Tiffany was so kind and Christine was right behind her…but I was a little more pulled together when I met Christine.

Amazing show, and I plan on making this a yearly tradition for as long as the show is running…this was my second year in a row, so I’m well on my way to creating the tradition =)

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