I have a love/hate relationships with transitional periods in life.

I hate them because they are taking me out of my comfort zone – which is where I want to stay.

I love them because they take me out of my comfort zone and it’s the only way to grow as a person.

I hope that I always find myself at these points in life.

That being said.  (I hope to stop putting a line in between all my sentences soon.)

There are things that we all say “someday I’d like to do that”.  I don’t mean big things like fly a plane (how cool would that be!?) But little things.  One of mine, is that I’ve always wanted to pay for somebody’s food at a restaurant, or pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru…or both.

I said I was feeling transitional because I’m weary of letting life live me, instead of me living life.  I let life happen to me, instead of going out there and taking it all for myself.  I’m going to start living intentionally, and that means no more “someday I’d like to…” it means “Today I’m going to…”

Therefore, sometime within the next week I’m going to either pay for someone behind me, or buy someones dinner anonymously.  Gotta start small, but it’s still a start!!


What do you think?

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