I Like Coffee and I Like Tea

Actually, I don’t like tea.  Sweet tea, unsweet tea, hot tea, cold tea, even Mr. T.  I’ll have none of that.

However, I do enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.


Look at that beautiful cup of coffee.  That’s about the color I drink my coffee too – plenty of cream and sugar.  Until today.  Today I’m going to start on a journey to adulthood.  Today, I’m going to learn to drink my coffee black.  There are actually step-by-step websites on learning to drink coffee in its truest form – and the first step was to skip the creamer, but keep the sugar.  The website guaranteed me that if I would only drink black coffee for a month, that I’d never go back.  My taste buds would adjust and then be completely happy with black coffee.

We’ll see.




What do you think?

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