New York City

I want to go back to New York City.  Every single expectation I had about this amazing city came to pass.  The people, the view, the cabs, even the energy that everyone talks about in the movies, it was all there.

I want to go back – but I can’t find a travel partner.  I want to summon the courage to go alone.  I’ve picked out an apartment to rent, it’s a studio apartment with a view of the Empire State Building that costs $200 a night.  If you’ve priced hotels in NYC, you know that $200 a night for an apartment is a fantastic deal.  I’ve figured that plane ticket, a cab ride from the airport, the apartment will all cost roughly $1,100.  Plus giving myself a few hundred dollars to spend – I’m looking at about $1,500.

I haven’t decided if it’s the cost that’s keeping me from going alone, if it’s the actual “going alone” part, or if it’s that it’s not only a lot of money, but it would really be a lot of effort.  If it’s the last one…then I am ashamed of myself.  I’d have to drive 2 hours to the nearest large airport, fly to NYC, take a cab into the city before I would be at the apartment.  Easily that’s all day travel.  But if it’s simply laziness that’s keeping me from doing something I really want to do – that’s pitiful, right?  The ‘going alone’ part makes me a little nervous, it’d be a great growing experience though.  I know someone who went to Paris alone, surely I could handle New York City…right?

I’d see a couple of Broadway shows, then maybe something off-Broadway for a more intimate feel, sit in coffee shops that are close to “my apartment” while reading a book and just watching people walk by.  I’d get up early so I can walk around town while the city that never sleeps, wakes up in the morning.  I’d walk and walk and walk and walk knowing that in New York City, you never know what will cross your path around the next corner.  Last time while in search of coffee I rounded the corner to find Spiderman 3 being filmed and found Grant’s Tomb – we had no idea it was just around the corner. I’d take the ferry over to Staten Island, just because.  The only real tourist thing I would make sure to do is to visit Ellis Island.  I didn’t get to do that last time, and I wish we had.

I’d love to find an apartment that is so great that it really became my home away from home.  I would always stay there, so I would become familiar with the neighborhood and I could really pretend to be from New York.  I won’t call myself  a “New Yorker” I know that term is one to be earned.  But can I pretend to be from New York?

My favorite thing about pictures of Time Square is that I always point to the McDonald’s and let everyone know that I used the bathroom there.  It’s my claim to fame.

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