Misspent Life

I had my first personal experience with Apple in December 2010.  I was late to the party – but I knew the products were the best in the world.  I purchased an iTouch with Christmas money and I loved it.  Then, five months later it was stolen.  I decided that I would wait until I was eligible for an upgrade and would get an iPhone 4.  It’s only been two weeks and I’ve never loved a phone or any other piece of technology so much.  I needed to conduct an interview for school last week – I simply placed my iPhone in between us and simply talked.  I came home to wonderful audio and I already wish I could have thanked Steve Jobs while he was with us for his amazing vision that changed the world.  I currently can’t imagine having a phone that is better than this one.  If one ever exists I assume it’ll be able to clean my house, because this one seems to do everything.  I heard Steve Jobs described as the Thomas Edison of our generation.  Wow. 

I keep seeing on the news the “Occupy Wall Street” group, or the 99 Percent.  During my down time at work today, I decided to research them.  I came across this website titled The 99 Percent  and I realized pretty quick that it had nothing to do with what I had set out to research…but I couldn’t leave this website.  I didn’t have as much down time as I would have liked at work today (I like to have a few minutes at a time, today I was averaging about one minute at a time) I managed to flip through some of the pages of articles and I’m hooked.  It led me to other pages like the Happiness Project and Dumb Little Man and I started wishing I could do nothing all day except scour these websites that seemed so full of useful information. 

Of course, they are only useful if we apply them to our lives.  So much easier said than done.  One article I found in particular said that it is well known that grafitti and unkempt yards make a neighborhood a higher target for crime and more likely to fall further into neglect.  The article said that the same could be said for the inside of our homes – unmade beds, empty toilet paper holders, and light bulbs that need to be replaced are the grafitti of the inside of our homes.  If we let those things go for too long, other things easily follow.  Ouch.  I’m not a good housekeeper.  I live alone and rarely have company – if I don’t clean my dishes from dinner for a day or two, nobody around my house says anything.  If I don’t vacuum for a month – nobody minds.  I should mind, though.  It’s time for me to step up and realize that I’m worth a clean house.  If I had a husband or children I would be mortified for them to call this place home.  Why is it okay for me? 

Then again, there’s always this logic =)

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