The United States of America

I generally make a point to not watch things related to the tragedies of 9.11.01 because I never want to become jaded.  I never want to become accustomed to the sight of the second plane and the sight of those towers falling. I’ve allowed myself to watch a few things this week, and it’s moved me.

I never want to forget how I felt.  I remember that I was off work that day and since I live in the Central Time Zone, it was only 7:46AM when the first plane hit and I wasn’t out of bed yet.  My mom called and told me to get out of bed and watch TV.  My sister was also home for some reason (she was in high school) but I don’t remember her being there other than waking her up.  I watched TV all day long.  The only time I left the house was when my dad called and told me to go fill my car up with gas.  It was so eerie driving around because not many people were out.  It was eerie because I wasn’t driving around in the same world I’d gone to bed in the night before.  Everything suddenly felt very different, as though life would never be the same, ever again.  It was a strange feeling that all planes were grounded for several days.  Once, during those days – a plane flew over our house.  I live near a chemical plant and my mom was instantly concerned, and in just a few minutes the news was scrolling a message letting everyone know that it was an Army plane from Ft. Campbell and it had clearance to fly.  Strange days when the noise of an aircraft that is normally ignored – was cause for concern.  We didn’t want to live in fear, but it was almost palpable.

In the days that followed, the American flag was flown everywhere and brought me to tears at just the sight of her.  We were more united as a nation then I had ever known.  Even President George W. Bush, who left office as an unpopular president had an approval rating in the 90% range.  He promised that we wouldn’t rest, and that we would find and stop the people who orchestrated these horrific events.  Ten years later, that war rages on.  Sadly, I think if we continue to fight this fight, it’s going to last forever.  We’re not fighting a person or a country, we’re fighting evil.  Evil will always exist, so we will always be fighting it.  We’re on the offense when we should be playing defense.  Bring our focus back home, back to the United States.  Instead of fighting evil, we should be bringing good into the world.  We should return to what made our country great – we are kind, gentle, accepting, free, inventive, brilliant, patriotic, and we don’t back down.  But we do have to decide how we’re going to stand our ground.  I’d love to see the United States of America become great again.  Not because we’re out there fighting the war on evil with guns and paying for it with our soldier’s lives, but because we’re fighting the war on evil – by being everything evil is not.  Let’s be a great nation –  The United States of America.

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