Summer has stumbled into fall

The weather has finally changed, and hopefully it’s a keeper.  Saturday’s temps were right at 100 degrees which is entirely too hot, in my opinion.  Monday was a different story – high of 72 with lows in the 60’s?  Yes, I will take it.  I heard a rumor that tomorrow night is supposed to be in the 40’s.  I’ve not confirmed it, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  A 60 degree weather shift in a five day period is not uncommon where I live.  The old saying is “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute…it’ll change.” I am sad that we are seemingly skipping the 80 and 90 degree days, I know some people like those and it makes the 60’s feel much cooler when you just came from 100 degrees.

Enough weather talk.

A few days ago I posted about leaving sarcasm out of my language.  I would give myself a score of 0%.  I’d also give myself a score of 0% when it comes to no negativity.  I was driving home from church tonight thinking about my failure, when something else occurred to me.  Maybe I should give “No judging” a try.  As I thought about what all it would include, I was shocked at how many things could fall under “judging”.

-Getting upset at slow drivers (I’m judging them for being slow, they could have a very good reason for driving slow)

-Questioning someone’s clothes or tattoo, thinking to myself that “I’d never wear/do that”

-Getting upset at people who cut in line at the movie theater (this one happened to me over the weekend and in retrospect, I have no idea where their mind was.  And that’s the point…I have no idea what they could have been going to the movies to get away from)

-Realizing that knowing that people need a Savior isn’t judging, because I need a Savior no matter how great I mistakenly think that I am.

I still want to work on not complaining, but this one – no judging – is going to take precedent because I really think if I work on never judging someone, the not complaining part almost seems like it will take care of itself.

In other news…

I had to give a speech last night in Public Speaking (Imagine that…a speech!) that was supposed to be between 5-7 minutes long and I spoke for 3 minutes 55 seconds.  Oops.  At home the speech was taking me 5 minutes 30 seconds.  I either speed-talked or forgot a full minute’s worth of information.  I only had a roughly penned outline to follow, I had practiced the speech so much that I knew it, and I didn’t want to get up there and rely on my speech written out – and end up reading it.  When I first started talking I felt myself talking very fast so I made an effort to slow down, but I don’t know if I really did.

It was interesting because I never felt nervous about giving the speech, but when I stood up to practice it in my empty living room, envisioning my classmates in front of me, I froze.  I didn’t feel nervous – but I couldn’t actually start the speech.  I was literally tongue-tied for several minutes and this happened the first few times I practiced the speech.  It was taking me way out of my comfort zone and I’m glad about that.

I’ve been tempted to take acting classes.  Not because I want to act, but because I want to be taken out of my comfort zone more.  I’m a very timid person – which is why I enjoy blogging.  It’s very easy for me to get my thoughts out on paper.  Sometimes when I’m talking to someone, I get flustered and forget what I’m trying to say.  One time somebody told me that when they first met me I bored them to death…I never forgot that.  They said they couldn’t wait for me to finally stop talking.  Sometimes I think it’s important to not share your first impressions of someone, even if they eventually change.

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