Destined to be bad?

My super awesome adorable almost-4-year-old niece spent the night with me last night.  We watched movies, ate, watched movies, ate, went to the library, watched movies, and then I took her home.

Why am I so exhausted?

Am I really this unequipped to have my own child that having a lazy evening in, totally wiped me out? 

I did have to sleep on the couch last night because my little house doesn’t have central air, I only have a window unit in the living room – and it was 100 degrees yesterday.  So I had a blow up mattress for her on the floor in the living room and I slept on the couch so we’d be in the same room.  At one point, after she’d been asleep for an hour (This was around midnight) I snuck into my bedroom to sleep.  It had been dark for several hours and so had cooled off in there considerably.  Somewhere around 2AM I woke up to a little somebody hitting me on the legs asking me why I wasn’t in the living room sleeping with her??!!  Thankfully after I moved back to the couch she immediately went back to sleep. 

I’m telling you that we really did nothing yesterday – and yet it felt so exhausting.  During each song on the movies we watched, she had us both dance around the living room while the song played.  Doesn’t sound hard, does it?  Normally I would say that doing that kind of stuff is the very least that we can do with the children in our lives.  But it made me so tired. 

I wish it had felt more natural and that it didn’t feel so much like having company as just chilling out with my niece.  Maybe I was just having an off day, but maybe I’m really just that comfortable with living alone that having anybody else here feels really weird.  Maybe I just need to invite people over more often lol

Is this normal?  Or am I destined to be a horrible parent if I ever get the opportunity?

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