That is not funny.

I’m generally considered a funny person.

Or I like to think that I am.

Something happened today that is funny in retrospect, but while it was happening it was sssslllooowww motion lame.

My coworker was looking for a spider that she’d seen and wanted to kill and this is what happened.  The things written in regular type will be what I said and italics will be my thoughts about .0002 seconds behind the words coming out of my mouth.

Coworker – What could have happened to that spider?

Me- Maybe (wait this isn’t funny) it’s in (stop don’t say it, stop the words!) your (oh no, somebody is listening and I can’t stop!) dress. (ahhhhhhh.)

I wasn’t able to stop the words but I did manage to make the words “your dress” come out as a whisper.  But I was still heard and was then called by my first and last name in shock by the person who heard me.  I agreed with them in my mind…it wasn’t funny.  I wanted to middle name myself and then tell myself to go into the corner until I could come up with something that was actually funny.  I didn’t though, I just went home.

I mean, it was time for me to go home.  I didn’t just leave.

On another note, the bully I mentioned in a previous post, quit today.  Problem solved.

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