No sarcasm?

I listen to K-Love which is a national Christian radio station.  Last year they challenged listeners to complete 30 days of no complaining.  I was doing some quick Google searches tonight and found an article where a Pastor asked his congregation for 21 days “to swear off complaining, criticizing, gossiping, or using sarcasm.”

I participated in the 30 days of no complaining and it was simply amazing to me how many times I stopped myself from complaining.  I never ever would have guessed I complained that much.  I was considering making an effort to do it again, but this one has me interested and challenged.  Stopping myself from complaining is something I’ve done before and I try not to gossip, but I pretty much never try to hold back sarcasm.  What if I did?  Could I?  Does my sarcasm hurt people without me being aware of it?

I’d have to start small, to go one day without sarcasm would be hard, I think.  I’m willing to take on the challenge to see how it affects my relationships.

For the next week I will refrain from complaining, criticizing, gossip, and using sarcasm.  I wanted to only say “for the weekend” but I have to be honest with myself that I need to involve some regular work days in this challenge.  On the weekends I surround myself only with those I desire to see, the same is not so during the work week.

No sarcasm…it’s going to be a challenge.  I wonder if anybody will notice?

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One thought on “No sarcasm?

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