Mean People

I think I am dealing with a bully at work.  I haven’t been bullied since I was in middle school – and back then they didn’t consider it bullying. It isn’t just me that the person is after – rather it’s a couple of us.  The person is hateful, rude, rolls their eyes, whispers about us when we say something…it’s like eighth grade.  Except I’m 33. I stood up for myself today, and I hope that turns about to be a good decision…I handled it properly and went to my manager.  Sometimes bullies get worse once encountered and I hope it doesn’t happen here.  It stinks, but it’s easier to take as an adult.  I feel sorry for those in middle school and dealing with bullies because it seems that you’ll never get past it.  At this point in my life I realize that even working with this person and at this job is temporary…because everything is. Being ridiculed is difficult.  It’s hard to go into work every day knowing that you’ll meet someone who wants to put you down.  But…go ahead and run your mouth…

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