I went road-tripping this weekend and I did this one solo.  It wasn’t how I wanted it to be, I had invited someone who backed out at the last minute 😦 I was determined to go anyway as I owed a good friend a very long overdue visit.  I drove almost the entire width of the great state of Missouri.

I don’t live in Missouri, but I entered Missouri at Mississippi County and continued until I reached Christian County.  It’s interesting to me how, if you’ve never been to Missouri you probably don’t think a lot about it – but it’s quite diverse.  I’ve never been to northern Missouri, but I know that on this particular route it starts off very flat and at the end you’re in the mountains.  It’s a very beautiful drive, and other than 30 minutes or so, you’re not driving on the interstate, but through small towns all along the way.  I was only at my destination for about 30 hours lol So it was a 5.5 hour drive there and a 4.5 hour drive home.

Why the extra hour?

Because I went through some horrible weather and at one point was honestly concerned about whether I was driving into a tornado.  I’m not one to jump to conclusions about storms – but this one was just weird.  At first I was admiring the clouds, they were low, full of definition, and just fantastic to watch.  Soon it started to rain, then it got very dark, I began having an extremely hard time keeping me car going straight due to the wind when I noticed things around me were starting to swirl around.  I was considering pulling off on the side of the road, but instead called back home to my mom so she could check the weather for me.  She cleared me of any tornadoes in the area, but did say I was going through a dark red spot according to the radar.  Dark red I can deal with, tornadoes are not a force to be reckoned with.  I want to see one someday, but not while it forms over my car, you know!

The point of the trip was to visit the Titanic in Branson, Missouri.

These are not my pictures, rather they are stock photos from Yahoo.  If I’m using some that the owners want credit for, please send me a message!

This was one of my favorite parts – the deck.  As we opened the door to that part, the room was quite cold – the same temperature as it was that night.  The walls are meant to look like a starlit sky and it was very easy to stand there and imagine taking a late night stroll on the deck before heading to bed.

Two other exhibits were extremely fascinating to me.  The first was three decks that were positioned according to the time during the sinking.  The first one was just after it started filling with water, walking up on it holding on to the rail was rather easy.  The second was further on during the sinking, it was quite a bit more difficult to stand on it, and the third was just before the boat sank.  I could barely pull myself onto that deck as it was almost at a 90 degree angle.  The second was a basin of water that was cooled to the exact temperature of the water on that night.  The water was 28 degrees and it said that after only 5 minutes in that water, your body is moving only out of instinct – as you are not able to speak and barely able to create thoughts in your mind.  Also, you would be shivering violently.  I kept my hand in the 28 degree water for about 10 seconds and my hand was already beginning to hurt.

As you walk into the museum you are given a card with a passenger’s name on it.  My name was Juliette LaRoche who was part of the only black family on board.  At the end I learned that she and her two children survived, but her husband’s body was never located.

I had a great time on this very short trip – also went to dinner and a movie with my friends…by the time we got to the movies I had a considerably difficult time staying awake since it was almost 10PM and I’d been up since 4:30AM.  I made it through the entire movie awake, though thinking back on it…I couldn’t really tell you what all happened during the movie 🙂

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