Culprit: Found. Maybe.

In December 2010 I gathered my Christmas money along with some of my Christmas bonus money from work and purchased an iPod Touch.

My beautiful iPod Touch was my favorite gadget I’d ever purchased, I took it everywhere.  Games and music for me along with games and music for my niece.  And then…

It was stolen out of my car.  My car was sitting in my own driveway!  In June of 2011 just five months after I purchased it…somebody else had it.  And to add insult to injury, I started noticing things on my Netflix that I hadn’t watched, then I remembered I had a Netflix app on it that didn’t require a password to use.  So not only did they have my iTouch they were enjoying it.  I wouldn’t stand for it – I called Netflix and had them take that device off my account.  That’ll show ’em.  Problem was, they still had it and I did not.

Today several football players from a local high school (The one I graduated from!) Were arrested for breaking into people’s car near my neighborhood and in their homes were found several iPods, GPS, and other things that people keep in their cars.

I’m glad that I filed a police report when mine was stolen and I really hope my iPod is one of the ones recovered and will soon be returned to me.  I miss my beautiful iPod Touch!!!

On the other hand, I have lost things in my life that are irreplaceable and I do realize it’s just an iPod.  Totally replaceable.  A local family recently had their three-year old daughter kidnapped and murdered.  That’s why I didn’t care that my iPod was stolen, because I still had my own three-year old niece.

But if I can get my iPod back, that’d be awesome =)

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  1. […] the world.  I purchased an iTouch with Christmas money and I loved it.  Then, five months later it was stolen.  I decided that I would wait until I was eligible for an upgrade and would get an iPhone 4.  […]

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