Breaking Rules and Taking Names

Every single morning I break one of the cardinal rules of weight loss.

I weigh.
The scale is right outside my bathroom and every single morning I step on it.  Sometimes, that’s not just a bad thing – like this morning!  I’ve lost a pound between yesterday morning and this morning.  I won’t tell you the first two numbers of my weight, but yesterday the last part was **4.8 and today it was **3.8It was motivation enough for me to do some Zumba on YouTube before I head to work today.  It feels good that it’s only 7:30AM and I’ve already gotten in a nice 20 minute workout.

I will lose this weight, I will do it the active and correct way.  I’m not dieting and I am totally against diets.  I will eat healthy foods free of preservatives, I will choose a salad more times then I choose McDonald’s.  Today is birthday party day at work, and I’m not worried about it!  Chick-Fil-A Chicken Minis for breakfast and a delicious local place for lunch where I’m getting potato soup.  Fattening?  Yep.  But I’m not dieting!  I will lose this weight =)

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