I finally made it to Zumba tonight, and boy was it FUN!  I did not know any of the dance steps and the lady next to me kept saying “Just keep moving, that is whats important!” So, I kept moving.  Right now I feel great – tomorrow I’ll probably be unable to get out of bed =)

I’d been doing Zumba for about a week at home by watching different videos on YouTube and I’d gotten down one pound.  I generally fluctuate by 3 pounds either way, and this is a pound down from the lowest of the three-pound fluctuation.  So it’s possible that I’ve lost a couple of pounds, but I’ll just say one.  I can see where I’ll burn lots of calories once I really learn the moves, because I’ll be able to put more into it.  Certainly not my last Zumba class!

There are five weeks until my vacation and I want to be down by 10 lbs when I go, and there are 14 weeks until Thanksgiving – if I could consistently lose 2 lbs a week I could be down a massive 28 lbs by Thanksgiving!!

I’ve only lost weight one other time, and I lost 30 lbs – kept it off for a couple of years until I got a job where I sat all the time and promptly gained it all back.  So I’m certainly not one to constantly lose and gain it back – this time I want to be active while doing it.

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