Kick the bucket

I’m creating my bucket list.  I hope it changes with additions, maybe subtractions, and certainly some crossing off, as the years of my life pass by.  It occurred to me that I should actually write out a list.  My family has finally jumped on board with the “family vacation” idea.  This year we’re going to the mountains and next year – the beach!  My brother-in-law said that he’s always wanted to swim with the dolphins and wants to make it happen next year.  It made me wonder what things I want to make sure I do in life…I’ll go in order with the first one being what I thought of today.

1. Surf.

I spent 10 years of my childhood living in Florida where lots of my classmates spent the weekends surfing.  I always wanted to try, and never got the opportunity.  Next year on our beach vacation, I am going to look into taking surf lessons.  I realize there will be no waves of the above magnitude on the Gulf – but if I can learn to stand on a board, I’ll be happy.

2. Skydive

This activity is the one thing I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do.  Not because of logistics – every major city offers skydiving and I live less than three hours away from three major cities.  I am afraid of jumping out of the plane.  I would have to tell my tandem person that they will absolutely have to be the one controlling the jump out of the plane.  I literally fear having a heart attack waiting for the parachute to open.  If I ever skydive, I will be facing enormous fears.

3. Visit all 50 States

I’m currently 18 states into this goal.  My friend lives an hour from two of the states I need, I’ve been really tempted to go and make her drive me to those states.



4. Run a marathon

Originally I had written “Run a 5k” then realized this is a bucket list.  I should aim high, right?!  Once, I participated in a 5k race and my time was 50 minutes and I’ll tell you a secret.  I took a shortcut.  I don’t regret it – I had tried to run, wound up with shin splints and just wanted the race to be o-v-e-r!  I didn’t want to be last, even if the price was cheating.  I’d like to run another 5k and not feel like I’m going to die in the process.  But while we’re aiming high…I’d like to be in shape enough to run at least a half-marathon someday.

5. See the Northern Lights

I’m obsessed with anything in the night sky.  I’ve been known to wake up at 4AM just to catch a glimpse of the Perseid meteor showers in August.  The Perseid’s are actually going on right now, but it’s a full moon which will block out most of it this year.  Anyway, back to the Northern Lights – they just seem beautiful to behold.  A couple of years ago there was a storm system that pushed the lights south and there was a slight chance that I’d be able to see them where I lived, so I stayed outside all night looking…but never saw anything.  Hopefully in my lifetime!

So there are five of my bucket list.  I’ll keep my mind tuned in to whenever I might have the thought “I’d like to do that someday” and not let it be fleeting, but write it down and try to make it happen!

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One thought on “Kick the bucket

  1. laurahartson says:

    great bucket list and surfing is so fun! i have one too

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