Gotta Be Me

I am an athletic person by nature.

I am a lazy person by nature.

“Lazy me” is much stronger than “athletic me”.  Once I get out to be active, I enjoy it thoroughly.  But getting myself from couch to activity is difficult.  I am tired of being overweight – I haven’t been overweight my whole life.  I didn’t start gaining weight until my mid-20’s.  Before that I was always super skinny without any fat on me at all, and without effort.  That is not the case any longer as I am about 40 lbs heavier than my ideal weight.  It’s time for me to not let “lazy me” win any longer.  And it was going to stop today!  My friend and I got up early this morning (On a Saturday!) and had picked out a place to do Zumba.

We showed up about 20 minutes early having given ourselves plenty of time to locate the place since it was out-of-town (out-of-state, actually!) and we weren’t entirely certain where it was.  However – nobody else showed up.  A few cars came and waited for a bit, then left.  But no instructor showed up!  We finally called the number on the sign and found that class had been cancelled for the day due to a funeral.  Figures – our first attempt at Zumba was busted.  According to the advertisements for Zumba it says you can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and we are determined to give this class a shot, so we’ll try again next time.

In the mean time, we went to this beautiful park with a nice trail with lots of hills just on the river to walk a few miles.  Afterward I rested a bit by sitting on this statue looking over the Ohio River.

It was nice, there was a lovely cool breeze blowing off the river and we quite enjoyed ourselves.  We may not have burned 1,000 calories but at least we were active!


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