This and not That



It could have been worse – the above picture could have been my car instead of a random picture I found on Yahoo.   

I had a wreck today.  It wasn’t my fault, thankfully.  The lady simply didn’t see me when she pulled out and for some reason she pulled out and turned into my lane, so she hit me head on.  Parts of it are still unclear to me, which is interesting how that happens.  Naturally the whole wreck only took probably 3 seconds from the time I saw her pull out until she hit me.  Also, it’s extremely amazing how many thoughts you can have during those 3 seconds. 

-Why is she pulling out?

-Doesn’t she see me?

-I need to slam on the brakes.

-I need to honk.  (I can’t remember if I ever did honk)

-I’m so short I’m sitting too close to the steering wheel, what if the airbag deploys?  (I pushed myself far back into my seat to get away from the steering wheel in case it did deploy)

-Oh no, she’s really hitting me, and we’re actually colliding! 

-My car is going backward. (I just now realized I have no idea if anybody was behind me)

All of those thoughts went through my mind during those 3 seconds.  It happened on the road that runs directly next to my work, which was nice because I was on my lunch break so I was able to let them know what happened and also call the police from inside.  And how on earth I managed to have the werewithall to have this next thought is beyond me – as soon as I hung up with the police I called my insurance company to have them fax over a copy of my car insurance.  I knew I didn’t have my card, so this way when the police got there I would have it. 

The lady was an older lady, I’d guess in her 70’s and she was so sweet.  The wreck happened at 1PM and it was 98 degrees outside – one of my coworkers suggested that I take water out to her, which I did.  I’m glad she suggested it because I wouldn’t have even though to take any out for myself, much less for her.  She was so appreciative of everything that when we finally parted ways she gave me a hug!  And then I said “Thank you, have a good day!”

I guess since I was on my work property I was totally in customer service mode.  It made me laugh that I thanked her for hitting my car.  😉

It’s a very busy street this happened on but no witnesses came over…I don’t know if everybody was just looking the other direction when it happened or if people just didn’t want to stop.  I didn’t think about it until afterward that nobody acknowledged the wreck. 

I was reminded of something that Alyssa over at Resolved2Worship said one time – She had a very expensive camera drown in the river and she said that God knew her camera was going to be ruined when that day began, even if she did not.  It is comforting to know that even though I didn’t know I would have a wreck today – it did not catch God by surprise.


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