Don’t know much Biology

Actually – I totally do know much Biology. 




For example – I learned all the parts of an animal cell!  I can tell you what each organelle does.  Well done Biology teacher, well done. 

Okay, so I should have learned them in high school.  I wasn’t exactly a trophy high school student.  I’m suprised I even graduated on time.

Also – Thanks to my local public library for wiping my fines clean in exchange for school supplies!  Back in March I checked out 3 movies – watched them, and for some reason – promptly forgot about them.  I found them in my DVD cabinet at the end of April.  So much time had passed I didn’t even want to see how much my fines were so I just kept them.  And kept them.  Until today.  I had $75 worth of fines!  I took them $16 worth of school supplies and they cleaned my slate.  Then I rented three more movies. 


Cutest movie EVER!!  I’ve seen Meet the Robinsons so many times I can’t count them.  I also rented the following two movies which I have not seen – but I’ve yet to be disappointed by an American Girl movie.


What do you think?

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