The art of science

Found two possible degrees at my local university to keep me occupied for the next few years.  I still have four classes till my Associates, but I’m thinking ahead.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science are the two options I found if I don’t do the Social Work degree (which I can feel slipping away and my focus turning in a new direction) The only difference I could really see in the two degrees is that the Arts degree requires foreign language and Science does not.  I’m finding myself leaning in the direction of just getting a Bachelor’s in Science.  After that, I can get my Master’s in Communicative Disorders.  Then after that I can make 3x’s the money I’m currently making.  That’ll be good because I’m going to end up with somewhere around $25-$30k in student loans.  If I think about that too long, it can almost deter me from going to school.  So I somewhat try to ignore the loans I’ll end up with, yet I have to look at it long enough to make sure I don’t take on more then I’ll ever be able to pay back. 

I read an article about this guy who has $185,000 in student loans.  He’s an engineer and had expected to make about $80,000 a year but hasn’t landed a job making quite that much.  I cannot fathom how he thought he could comfortably pay off student loans of that magnitude with $80,000 a year salary.  In my opinion, that’s irresponsible to let your loans pile up like that.


What do you think?

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