Even brighter then the moon-moon-moon

Yep.  I titled this after a Katy Perry song.  But I prefer to hear Glee sing it, but whatever makes you happy!

It’s thundering and lightning like Ca-Razy out there.  I was taking a biology test but wisely saved my answers and exited.  Power keeps flickering and of course I can’t find my flashlight.  You know, the flashlight I’m constantly moving out of my way because I don’t keep it in the same place?  Yeah, that one.  I have my cell phone beside me and my laptop on my lap.  Feeling a little uncertain about that – what if lightning strikes my computer while it’s on me?  Ouch.  Yet I push forward…

I posted earlier about being unable to decide where to go next in my college career.  I’m revisiting the idea of Speech Pathology.  People say they can see me being a Social Worker more then they can see me being a Speech Patholgist.  I shouldn’t be motivated by money, but I will admit to my blog readers (all none of you) that I am just a little bit motivated by money.  It’s just that, as I mentioned before, getting a Master’s degree to make $35k a year (if I’m lucky) is hard when I can get a Master’s degree in Speech and make $60k a year.  Same amount of time – twice the money.  Especially when the environment could even be similar – schools, hospitals, kids, developmentally delayed, NICU (teaching babies how to suck), all of that for twice the money.   The thought of making 3 times what I’m making now makes me extremely motivated to do even better in school.  You have to have a 3.2 GPA to be accepted into the Speech program and I have a 3.13.  I have 4 classes left to take, so that can easily be moved either way.  Must keep working hard!

This is very loud thunder and it’s 9:38PM – my 3 year old niece’s bedtime.  She lives 4 blocks away and I’m guessing she’s not going to sleep anytime soon.  Poor girl, she hates storms.


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