50% less

My stress level is currently 50% less then it was when I woke up this morning.  I’m not one to stress out about things…but I could feel the stress would creep up my back anytime I lended thought to it.  I had written about it earlier, having a financial need for school tuition.  Today I logged into my student account and saw that there are two student loans out there for me.  I had intended to pay for my Associate degree out of pocket, and start student loans for my Bachelor’s degree.  The loan offered is for $2,250 and I need about $1,500.  I called the school because it wasn’t available for me to “accept” this loan, and she told me that I can accept it in 7-10 business days, that the loans aren’t yet “accept-able”.  The remainder of my stress concerning this situation will vanish once the money is in my account.  With the additional $750 I intend to just stick it in a savings account.  The nature of this loan, is no interest until I begin making payments – therefore the interest earned off it will essentially be free money.  There was a loan for next semester too.  Thank ya, Lord.

We weren’t busy today and my manager sent somebody home early.  To celebrate the above news, I took her up on the offer and left work an hour early =)



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