A new job, take two.

I’m trying to find a second job –  It’s going to be difficult because I’m admittedly picky.  At my current job, I stand in one spot a good portion of the day and work with the public 100% of the time.  For a second job, I only want to do 1 out of 2.  If I work with the public, I want to be sitting down.  If I am standing up, I don’t want to be serving people.  I’ve applied for 2 jobs so far.  One is an unnamed company, but it sounds like an events hall or maybe even the casino…the description referenced setting chairs and tables out for a wedding, a conference, a party, guarding alcohol from people who aren’t meant to have any, etc.  That’s more walking around as opposed to standing, and it doesn’t deal with customers…not really, anyway.  The other, was taking pictures of babies in the hospital.  Dealing with people, but not standing in one spot while doing so. 

I’m thinking a lot about my career path lately.  I’ve almost completed my Associate’s Degree, so I’m really having to give a lot of thought into what comes next.  I had intended on going into Social Work – which requires a Master’s degree.  I’ll be honest, I’m having second thoughts about that simply because of money.  Do I want to get a Master’s degree and only earn $10k more a year then I currently make?  Plus, the social work degree program is during the day – so my current job would have to change.  It feels like a lot of changes not to have the monetary reward in the end.  I know you don’t become a Social Worker for the money, but I think I want the money.  I want to own a home, a decent car, and be able to go on a great vacation at least once a year.  Right now, I rent a house in the ghetto, I already drive a decent car, but I can’t go on a great vacation.  Ironically…paying for school is standing in my way of being able to go on a great vacation.  The rent part is pretty well stuck, I can’t afford higher rent.  But I could sock away money for vacation if I weren’t paying for school.  And I’m going to school so that I can afford to go on great vacations.

Um.  Yeah, I see the irony. 

I want a college degree though.  I can’t encourage others to keep pushing on, if I haven’t finished it myself.  Nobody in my immediate family has a college degree of any kind and I’m just 4 classes away from making that happen.  It’ll be exciting to be the first one with a college education.  The question still looms ahead – do I proceed with the Social Work degree and change my whole life in order to get it (New job working nights, probably less pay, etc.) Or just get a nice generic Bachelor’s degree that can mold into my current life nicely?  I can change everything to make $30,000 as a Social Worker (I think that salary is a little high, actually, and it requires a Master’s degree) or I can change nothing and just get a somewhat generic Bachelor’s with a Master’s in education and also find a job making $35,000 a year.  Broken down, after taxes, making $35,000 a year is about $600 more a month in income  (apx.)

I know somebody who only has an Associates making $30k a year.  Wonder how I get a job like that?

A lot of babbling, I know.  Needed to just put it all out there, though.  I’m not money hungry by any means…I’m just weary of being broke all the time.  I want to travel, have nice things, be able to not worry so much about money.  I’m determined to work to make it happen.


What do you think?

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