Half n’ Half

I’m attempting to make a second post without immediately delving into a very deep subject.  I want to keep it somewhat light and airy – especially since this is only post #2. 

I’ll just say that I need a big miracle from God by July 20th.  I know we aren’t supposed to put time limits on God – it’s just that on July 20th my college is going to take out it’s first payment of nearly $400 directly out of my checking account.  I don’t have that much money.  The amount I do have, is $58.  I get paid tomorrow and after I pay my bills I’ll have $35 left over.  $35+$58 = $93.  I do not get paid again before July 20. 

On July 21 I know somebody who is having a C-Section to deliver a baby who has a 50/50 shot at survival. 

God is able to provide for both – one of which is really not that important when compared to the other.


What do you think?

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